Kalki says in Devakarya allow to believe or disbelieve

Kalki says "In Devakarya, a person has freedom to accept or criticize, believe or disbelieve. Always honour the fundamental right of a person to decide which is the best for his benefit after well learning. Compelling would never become useful. One should learn, accept and obey for oneself. Then only it can be established sincerely. If it is changed as religion, then it will become dangerous. Individuals will try to become controllers. Lord Shiva (ShivaDeva) is the Supreme Preceptor (ParamGuru), not humans. Humans can be honoured, respected and can be seen as teachers but should not be worshipped with dedication. Many risks can be avoided when each one is marked with their limitation of the position. Also one shall not get misguided. We can pray for blessings and protection directly from Devankal (Lords). No need of mediators. This is best for the uplifting of soul. The base for the uplifting of soul is by dedication to Devankal (Lords), self-sincerity, good intention and the completion of one’s own duty as per position. " Temple Entry Proclamation. Devakarya: Unique Worship.