Kalkipuri Temple Rules

Kalkipuri Temple rules

Kalkipuri is the real Temple in Bharatha where devotees pray directly to Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu without pooja, offerings and mediators irrespective of caste, religion etc. Situated in the Birth Place of Kalki.

“Lords (Devankal) do not need anything from this earth, even devotion is the necessity of devotees.” – Kalki

The structure of Kalkipuri Temple : Sreekovil (Sanctum Sanctorum), Prarthana Mandapam (Prayer Hall) & 18 steps.
Temple opening : 3 AM to 10 PM.
Manthra : Om Shreem BrahmaDeva ShivaDeva VishnuDeva Namaha
Lords for worship : Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.
Deities to be worshipped in Kalkipuri are the Supreme Genetic Authority (Janithkadhikari) Lord Brahma (BrahmaDeva), the Supreme Organizing Authority (Sarvadhikari) and the Supreme Preceptor (Param Guru) Lord Shiva (ShivaDeva), the Supreme Protection Authority (Samrakshanadhikari) Lord Vishnu (VishnuDeva) existing in the light form in celestial spheres Brahma loka, Shiva loka and Vishnu loka are formed from Parabrahma (Sarva = The Whole) by self (Swayambhoo).
Founder : Kalki
Estd. : 18 April 2001
Situated : Birth Place of Kalki
Divine Evidences  : Kalki Purana by Sages Agastya & Vishvamitra. Shiva Deva – Parvathi Devi divine conversation.
Divinity proved in Astrology (Swarnaprashna & Thamboolaprashna held in 2003).
Insect Free Oil Lamp [Patent Protected (Application No. 201841003006. International Application No. PCT/IN2019/050054. Design Patent Protected (Old Model Design Patent No.225592] is used in the temple. Inventor: Kalki.

For Malayalam Click Here: കല്‍കിപുരി ക്ഷേത്രം

“in Hinduism (Devakarya – Sanathana Dharma) there is only unique worship, no castes, no discriminations. Devotees pray only directly to Lords (Devankal). Temple is only for that purpose.”
– Kalki
Temple Entry Proclamation. Hinduism: Unique Worship (ഹൈന്ദവ ഏക ആരാധന).

English translation work is in progress. Here is its original Malayalam by Kalki.

Kalkipuri Temple: Preface
Kalkipuri, Edavannappara, Malappuram Dt. – 673645. Kerala, India. Ph: 0483 2724372/2108585, E-mail: kalki@kalkipuri.com, Web: kalkipuri.com

In 2001, Kalki established Kalkipuri Temple (Prayer Room of Kalki) situated at Kalkipuri with an extension of 58.472A&B cents plot solely owned by Kalki at His birth place, Edavannappara in Kondotty Taluk (formerly included in Eranad Taluk), Malappuram Dt., Kerala India. In 2001 the number VP 8/210B (New No.VP 11/7A) was obtained for the residence and prayer room of Kalki from Vazhakkad Grama Panchayath. The building permit for dome construction was obtained on 7th March 2013 and renewed it. Dome works started on 5 Feb 2016 and completed on 8 July 2016. Completion plan submitted on 3 Aug 2016 and approved by Vazhakkad Grama Panchayath on 8 Sep 2016. During the process, submitted Structural Stability Certificate by Dr. Shine. C. Chinnan. Ph.D ( facebook.com/Shine-builders-120711364742644/ ) as per the rules. Draftsman & Senior Superviser: Biju P.P. Afterthat the Kalkipuri House (Manushyalayam) was completely demolished. On 18 Aug 2017 application was submitted to Vazhakkad Grama Panchayath for determining the tax only for the existing prayer room of Kalki (Kalkipuri Temple) after deducting the plinth area of the Kalkipuri House. The same was allowed and the deducted tax was paid on 16 Jan 2018.


In 2003, during the construction of the dome of Kalkipuri Temple, Kalki’s father’s second elder brother’s elder son and his gang with crooked intention claimed possession on the sold plot with fabricated document No.1720/2001 and occupied by a temporary stay from the court to grab and destroy Kalkipuri and obstruct the construction of temple [Civil Case No.O.S.123/2003 & O.S.26/2007 (previous No.206/2003)] which Kalki won on 16 Aug 2008 with strict order that the opposite party should never enter Kalkipuri and obstruct in their lifetime. As per Manjeri Sub Court order in the above case, the total extension of Kalkipuri plot owned by Kalki is only 58.472 cents [with New Sy. Nos. 209/10,14,16,26 (Old Sy.Nos.208/6,7,8)]. This plot is registered with full rights (JanmamTheeru) in Vazhakkad S.R.O. in 2001 with document Nos.645, 1532,1223 & 1326/2001 (correction deed), 1574 & 1533.
As per Manjeri Sub Court order in the above mentioned case, the total extension of 160.946 cents plot was bought by Kalki wherein 66.729 cents with document No.645/2001, 48.631 cents with document No.1532/2001, 14.84 cents with document No.1223/2001 (1326/2001 as correction deed), 7.246 cents with document No.1533/2001 and 23.5 cents with document No.1195/2001 (in the above documents it is given as 158 cents as in the order: 61¼+50+16¼+7+23½=158 cents). Thus out of 160.946 cents bought with full right (JanmamTheeru) Kalki has sold 2.684 cents, gave 3.024 cents for mutual exchange to Sri. Sivanandan, the elder son of Kalki’s father’s second elder brother and so after lessening both (2.684+3.024 cents), the total extention is 158.912 cents. Out of which Kalki has given 100.440 cents as gift  of 15 equal shares with 4.5 m road access and each share holder has right to sale their own share. Maintaining Kalki’s right to fetch water using pump set or pulley for irrigation and other purposes if any at any time from the well dug and built using laterite stone. After lessening 100.440 cents, given as gift by Kalki the remaining 58.472 cents of plot named Kalkipuri is now solely owned by Kalki. Though Kalki gave 100.440 cents plot as gift, as per the tax receipt is only 99.440 cents. The excess one cents belongs to the plot that was owned by one Santha Sivanandan formerly. As per document Nos.591/2011 and 632/2012 Kalki has bought three shares as JanmamTheeru out of 15 shares given us gift, shall be maintained and protected after Kalki by Kalkipuri Dharma Trust estd. by Kalki.
[label type=”label-info”]Devakarya : Unique Worship[/label]
(Devakarya = Lords matter – things pertaining to Lords)

ദേവകാര്യം: ഏക ആരാധന

Kalkipuri Temple: Opening: 3am-10pm. Irrespective of caste, religion, sex, menses, *pula, age, colour and nativity devotees can come with cleanliness and walk on 18 steps to prayer hall (Prarthana Mandapam) of Kalkipuri Temple (Prayer Room of Kalki) and pray only with good intention for blessings and protection from the Lords (Devankal).

Deities to be worshipped in Kalkipuri are the Supreme Genetic Authority (Janithkadhikari) Lord Brahma (BrahmaDeva), the Supreme Organizing Authority (Sarvadhikari) and the Supreme Preceptor (Param Guru) Lord Shiva (ShivaDeva), the Supreme Protection Authority (Samrakshanadhikari) Lord Vishnu (VishnuDeva) existing in the light form in celestial spheres Brahma loka, Shiva loka and Vishnu loka are formed from Parabrahma (Sarva = The Whole) by self (Swayambhoo). The words Devankal (to Lords), Devakaryam (Lords Matter- things pertaining to Lords), DevaVargam (Lords Race), Devahitham (Lords Rules), Devabhagam (belongs to Lords), Devanmar (Lords), DevaSmarana (continuous remembrance of Lords) intend the above mentioned only. The most important rule of worship in Kalkipuri Temple is that devotees can come and pray only with good intention for blessings and protection from the Lords (Devankal) without any discrimination of caste, religion, gender etc. “Only if allows’’ is the most important rule of Devakarya.

Lords (Devankal) doesn’t need anything from anybody because Parabrahma by self, perfectly allows everything in Jyothirmandal (celestial sphere) so Devankal doesn’t need anything from devotees. Even devotion is the need of devotees. It is the right and necessity of devotees to get blessings and protection from Lords (Devankal). By divinity, Kalkipuri Temple is a performing system with micro level execution to connect to the Lords (Devankal) and it is a connectivity with recharging facility like mobile tower. Devotees can come, pray and go only at the temple. This is the purpose of the temple. Offerings (Vazhipadukal) are not allowed and must know that devotees have an opportunity to participate within their capabilities for the day to day expenses of the temple only. The chanting of mantra, Om Shreem BrahmaDeva ShivaDeva VishnuDeva Namaha is for the continuous remembrance of Lords (DevaSmarana). When the same words are repeated continuously in its correct form, it remains in the memory with importance.

Idol: Installed by Kalki and it is not for worship. Devotees can pray directly in silence only with good intention to Lords (Devankal) in Supreme Positions existing in Jyothirmandal (celestial sphere) in light form without mediators, without praise, without giving anything to satisfy as per human assumption, without worshipping humans and other species of this planet, without worshipping anything with body which is made of five elements (Panchabhootha) in the name of DevaVarga (Lords Race) and without assuming any figures. This is the most important rule of worship in Kalkipuri Temple. Insect free bronze oil lamp (Patent Pending. Design Patent No.225592 and Newly Modified Design Patent Protected.) is used in Kalkipuri Temple.

When a specific amount reaches in Bhandaram as deposit for the security of the temple and after completing the construction, then every year only within a specific period with date and time (e.g. Nov-Dec) devotees shall be informed through news and media that they have an opportunity to dedicate in Bhandaram as their prayer for the day to day expenses of the temple. The decision that the amount should be only for temple expenses have much importance. This is the final decision of Kalki about Kalkipuri Temple.

Parabrahma (Sarva=The Whole) that which is all, perfection, independent and Supreme Organizing Authority and so there is only Parabrahma nothing else. There is no need to pray and worship Parabrahma because no differentiation, exists as creation by self. Self-clarification is suitable. Parabrahma is existing as creation by self in the layer of difference (bhinnam enna thalam) of Parabrahma. Theoretically, the essence of creation is, ‘We’ the Parabrahma that which is All with Supreme Organizing Authority exists as ‘I’ with limited power by self.

Supreme Genetic Authority Lord Brahma (BrahmaDeva), Supreme Organizing Authority and Supreme Preceptor Lord Shiva (ShivaDeva) and Supreme Protector Lord Vishnu (VishnuDeva) in the light form (not made of five elements) in celestial spheres (Jyothirmandal) Brahma loka, Shiva loka and Vishnu loka respectively with their consort and co-workers Saraswathi Devi, Parvathi Devi and Lakshmi Devi, created from Parabrahma by self and exist only for official duty [Genetic. Organize. Protect. (G.O.P.)]. The words Devimar, Devathakal (Lordess) intend the above mentioned only. There is no need of special worship for Lordess (Devimar, Devathakal). The real photos of Lords and Lordesses in light form (not made of five elements – Panchaboothathmakamalla) are not available on this Earth.

Always Devankal (to Lords) only have the supreme authority to decide and execute which devotee should be blessed. Neither the one who established the temple nor the one who manages the temple or others have authority to interfere. The purpose of the temple management is only to obey the perfectness in Devakarya. Human beings do not have the rights and permission to receive money, wealth in advance as offerings from anyone for getting solutions from Devankal (to Lords).

The prayers with good intention which is needed for living will only be fulfilled with the execution of welfare nation through welfare ruling by the supreme position Ruler for Devakarya (Lords Matter) as per Devahitham (Lords Rules).
– Kalki
Not to disgrace is the real grace.

Kalkipuri Temple: 2001 to 2017

In Devakarya, a person has freedom to accept or criticize, believe or disbelieve. Always honour the fundamental right of a person to decide which is the best for his benefit after thorough learning. Compelling would never become useful. One should learn, accept and obey for oneself. Then only it can be established sincerely. If it is changed as religion, then it will become dangerous. Individuals will try to become controllers. Lord Shiva (ShivaDeva) is the Supreme Preceptor (ParamGuru), not humans. Humans can be honoured, respected and can be seen as teachers but should not be worshipped with dedication. When we recognize and limit every individual according to their positions then many risks can be avoided and will not go misguided. We can pray for blessings and protection directly from Devankal (Lords). No need of mediators. This is best for the uplifting of soul.
The base for the uplifting of soul is through dedication to Devankal (Lords), self-sincerity, good intention and the completion of one’s own duty as per position.
– Kalki

Do not enter into the temple compound using drugs and liquor. Smoking is prohibited.

Kalkipuri Temple Idol Installation Day: Vrishchik Swathi (15th Lunar asterism), between November and December. Idol installed by Kalki.
No offerings (Vazhipadukal) in the Temple (Donations, DD, MO, Cheque etc. shall not be accepted). Only one Bhandaram (repository/treasury).
No circumambulation (Pradakshinam-walk round the temple). Oil, camphor, ashes, flowers, garland etc. are not received.
Pooja is not done for anybody. Insect free bronze oil lamp (Design Patent No. 225592) is used in the Kalkipuri Temple.
*Pula: Some people believe it as customary pollution which lasts for a few days following a birth and death in the family that prevents one’s entry to temple.


Nadi Palm Leaves

Temple Entry Proclamation
All devotees are allowed to enter and pray at temple.
There is no prohibition in praying to Lords at hospitals, house where death has happened and in menses period but when praying from a built structure known as temple, it become polluted and is a strange argument with evil intention.
– Kalki

To be continued….

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